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Get answers to common questions about using your Ready Rig product in our comprehensive FAQ list.



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How to clean your Ready Rig vest and padding.

We recommend first cleaning the fabric areas on your Ready Rig vest with a fabric cleaner, for example, Tide Fabric Spray: Simply spray this onto your rig, following produc

The 3-Arm Knob On My Ready Rig Shoulder Is Stuck

Sometimes, the 3-Arm Knob on your Ready Rig shoulder component can become lodged or stuck and won't come free. When this happens, typically some liquid wrench and plyers will free the stuck knob. Recommended: Once free,

The Velcro is coming loose on my Ready Rig Waist Belt

Sometimes the Velcro on your Ready Rig Waist Belt is exposed to various environmental elements and can become dirty. Follow these steps to clean your velcro:. Step 1Examine the Velcro closely to make sure it can be renewed. If the "soft" side is worn

Ready Rig Backplate Height Settings Chart

When adjusting your height settings on the Ready Rig GS and Ready Rig GS+ProArms, be sure to "mirror" the bottom hole to match your top settings for optimum performance. ie: If you are 5'11 and select the second hole down from the top, you will set t

How do I order replacement parts for my Ready Rig?

Most major components can be replaced easily and are user-installable, you can purchase them here. We even made it easy for you with our step-by-step tutorial videos on our FAQ page: Ready Rig

How do I replace the worn velcro on my Ready Rig GS Belt?

You can purchase a replacement Ready Rig GS Waist Belt here. Watch the tutorial here!. Applies ToReady Rig GS Rig GS + ProArms

Where is the closest Ready Rig Authorized Dealer?

We have dealers all over the world!. If you would like to find your closest dealer, go to our dealer locator on our website and search for the closest dealer in your region Feel free to reach out to us

Can I test a demo unit in person?

If you are based in the Los Angeles area, we have partnered with HIVEMIND Rentals to be the first rental house to offer the Ready Rig GS VEGA. They offer rentals as well as in-person demo sessions that cover everything from tuning your Ready Rig to g

Does Ready Rig have a public showroom?

We do not have a public showroom, but you can set up a video call or demo by emailing [email protected].

What is the difference between the Ready Rig GS + ProArms and the Ready Rig GS VEGA?

The Ready Rig GS + ProArms utilizes our original Power Bungee suspension system, while VEGA is our latest upgradable suspension module offering even more dampening and performance. The vest and ProArms are the same, and users who operate with the Rea

What does the Ready Rig do?

Ready Rig shifts the weight of the camera, monitor and gimbal onto the operators lower torso, significantly reducing user fatigue during prolonged shoots. Our dual-arm suspension design absorbs operators walking steps and facilitates fluid and precis

Why is my credit card being declined?

If your credit card was declined, it’s normally due to your bank’s automated fraud systems. If this happens to you, please make sure your credit card information is correct and try to submit it again. If the transaction still doesn’t go through, feel

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee. There are only 2 stipulations:1. The customer has to pay for shipping and handling back to our shop in Los Angeles, CA2. The Rig cannot be used on a commercial shoot and/or damaged prior to being returned

Can I come by for a local pickup?

We no longer offer a local pickup option, all products will ship directly to you from our fulfillment center.

Will I have to pay any additional taxes or import fees?

Tax is determined by delivery address, and will vary accordingly.  If you are shipping internationally, import taxes vary based on location, and are not included in our cost. You can find this information by searching for your country’s import taxes

Do you offer any educational discounts?

We are focused on manufacturing and shipping rigs until we are out of backorder, however we anticipate to have an educational discount program in place for 2021.You can send an email to [email protected] with: contact information, including the nam

What happens when a product is out of stock or listed as backordered?

We are a small company and backlogs sometimes happen. If a product is listed as Out of Stock, you can sign up to receive an email notification when the item is restocked. If a product is listed as Backordered, you can still place an order; however, s

How do I remove my gimbal from the Ready Rig Vest?

It takes seconds. You merely release your two Universal Gimbal Attachments from our Cobra Quick Release mechanism on the end of the rods. If you are looking for a faster disconnect, use our Ready Rig Quick Connects v2. Product Link: https://www.ready

Is my Ready Rig easy to store and transport?

Yes. You can quickly disassemble the basic components of you Ready Rig by loosening thumbscrews. Your Ready Rig easily stores in the included carrying case, which can be hand-carried or worn as a backpack. Product link:

Does attaching to one arm on my Ready Rig shorten the range of lateral movement on the opposite side?

Yes, but attaching to one arm only is considered temporary for the needs of one shot. A change back to connecting both support arms is quick and easy

Will lateral movements with my Ready Rig be equal on each side?

In your Ready Rigs normal setup, with a strap connecting to each support arm, yes. You can extend lateral movement to one side by attaching the gimbal/camera with one strap to one support arm only. It takes seconds to make the change, then change bac

What directions can my camera and gimbal move while operating with my Ready Rig?

Up, down, laterally to each side, and canted for a Dutch angle. Your Ready Rig will not interfere with additional movements that your gimbal may have.

How far does the Ready Rig’s profile extend behind me?

Depending on the leverage on the carbon fiber support arms, your Ready Rig should only protrude a few inches behind the operator. Many camera operators prefer our system because of its compact design.

Will my Ready Rig fit through doorways?

Yes. Its profile remains inside shoulder width, so you can walk normally through a doorway, or up and down even relatively narrow stairways. Note: Some gimbal assemblies are wider than the Ready Rig itself, so the practical width may become the width

How can I adjust the weight support settings on my Ready Rig?

Shifting how much of the camera and gimbal weight you want supported by your Ready Rig is done easily by adjusting the leverage of the two carbon fiber support arms. Adjustments can be made on the fly while you are wearing the vest, without the help

Why are there screw holes on my Ready Rig ProArms?

There are  1/4”-20 and ⅜”-16 mounting points on your Ready Rig ProArms that can be utilized for mounting equipment you don’t want in front of your vision, such as hubs or the monitor, while you’re operating. Check out our tutorial on ProArm Monitor M

What is the difference between the Ready Rig Standard Arms and the ProArms?

Standard arms are 25 inches long. ProArms telescope from 23 inches to 37 inches, so they can get your camera/gimbal 2 inches closer and 12 inches farther away from the operator. Applies ToReady Rig GS

What are the Ready Rig Standard Arms and ProArms made of?

Both are comprised of carbon fiber, though the ProArms have a thicker makeup.

What is a Ready Rig made of?

Aircraft-grade machined aluminum, carbon fiber, 1000D Cordura fabric, and, on the waist buckle, military-grade plastic composite.

Does Ready Rig use motors?

No motors, no batteries. You power the Ready Rig with your arm and hand movements, even with fingertips. It uses simple a lever design, spring-loading by elastic cords, and swiveling joints.

Is Ready Rig a gimbal?

No. Ready Rig is a body-mounted vest that supports a wide range of gimbals for mounting a professional video camera, monitor and other accessories as well as handheld camera operating.

Where do I attach my Ready Rig Universal Gimbal Attachments?

The Ready Rig Universal Gimbal Attachments can be connected to a variety of points on your gimbal or the top handle of your camera. However, the most common attachment point is on the sides of the ring (DJI R2 or Freefly MoVi), or on the top bar abov

Are the Ready Rig Quick Connects compatible with all gimbal rings?

The Quick Connects will work with any 25mm and 30mm tube diameter rings. To see a tutorial on how to balance with the Quick Connects, check out this video.

How much weight can my Ready Rig support in one-arm mode?

If you would like to operate in one-arm mode, simply split the weight parameters in half for manufacturer recommended limit. Standard Arms in one-arm mode: 15lb. ProArms in one-arm mode: 20lb.

How much weight can the Ready Rig GS, Ready Rig GS + ProArms, and Ready Rig GS VEGA support?

The Ready Rig GS is capable of supporting 30 lb. camera packages, while the Ready Rig GS + ProArms and Ready Rig GS VEGA are capable of supporting 40 lb. camera packages.

Can I use my Ready Rig without a gimbal, a.k.a., handheld?

Yes! Many of our customers enjoy using Ready Rig in handheld mode, especially with one arm, as it allows for increased range of motion during side to side panning while still providing weight support. Be sure to have a solid mounting point on top of

What gimbals can I use with my Ready Rig?

The Ready Rig GS, Ready Rig GS + ProArms, and Ready Rig GS VEGA are each compatible with every gimbal that we know of on the market at this time. The Universal Gimbal straps can be attached to any ring or crossbar. Examples of gimbals that most of ou

How do I replace the Spring Bolts on my Ready Rig?

The Ready Rig Spring Bolts exist in two places on your rig, and can be easily replaced if needed. To purchase replacement Spring Bolts, click here. On the backplate of your Ready Rig vest:1. Twist the washer up the bolt to make sure it is “bottomed o

How can I eliminate creaking noises coming from my Ready Rig?

We recommend applying a small amount of silicone lubricant to alleviate any creaking noises that may occur. Note: Please only use silicone based lubricants on your Ready Rig!. Recommended products:.

How does Ready Rig compare with other gimbal support vests on the market?

Ready Rig offers the most compact, low-profile camera support solution on the market. Our mechanically simple dual-lever design is crafted out of rugged components yielding a tool that is extremely fast to deploy and dependable on set. Our design can

How long is the Ready Rig warranty?

We offer a 1-year warranty on most of our major products.  See our warranty details here.

Can I upgrade my Ready Rig GS or GS + ProArms to VEGA?

Yes. If you own a Ready Rig GS, simply purchase Ready Rig GS Upgrade + ProArms. For users wishing to upgrade Ready Rig GS + ProArms to Ready Rig GS VEGA, purchase Ready Rig GS VEGA Upgrade. Applies ToReady Rig GS

Can I upgrade my Ready Rig GS to Ready Rig GS + ProArms?

Yes. All of our Ready Rigs are modular and can be upgraded, future proofing your investment. Information about the Ready Rig ProArm Upgrade. Enhance your Ready Rig GS with the ProArm Upgrade to level up your game. The ProArms innovative design of tel

What is the difference between the Ready Rig GS and the Ready Rig GS + ProArms?

Both products use the same vest and power bungees, however, the Ready Rig GS + ProArms have telescoping carbon fiber rods with monitor mounts, while the Ready Rig GS has fixed length carbon fiber rods. The ProArms are capable of supporting heavier ca

The zipper my Ready Rig bag is broken, what can I do?

If the zipper broke on your Ready Rig bag, you have a few options. Option 1 - Your product is under warranty We offer a 1-year warranty on all of our products, if you purchased the bag within a year simply do the following:. Once verified we will sen

What Ready Rig is best for a Ronin 2 or Movi Pro? GS vs GS + ProArm

We suggest using the Ready Rig GS + ProArm when operating with a Ronin 2 or Movi Pro. The ProArms telescopic arms allow for bigger camera packages up to 40 lbs. The VEGA Upgrade will improve stabilization up to 70% from the original Ready Rig GS + Pr

How do I replace the buckle on my Ready Rig GS Belt?

If the buckle on your Ready Rig GS Belt has broken, you will need to purchase a Replacement Belt here. We've made a step-by-step video that makes the installation a breeze. Check it out here, Applies ToReady Rig GS https

How to calibrate the Shoulder Fulcrum Clamp

To properly calibrate your Ready Rig Shoulder Fulcrum Clamp, follow these steps:. 1. Assemble the Ready Rig with the support loaded and shoulder fulcrums locked. 2. Attempt to rotate the ProArm clockwise or counterclockwise. If it rotates, proceed to

How to properly fit your Ready Rig GS or Ready Rig GS + ProArm to your body

Sizing your Vest. To optimize comfort and performance, it is important to adjust the Bat Wing settings to fit the operator’s torso. As a reference, an operator who is 5’10”-6’3” should have the Bat Wing set 2 holes down from the top, and the Bungee S

How can I protect my Ready Rig in the rain?

You can purchase the rain cover here:

Quick Connects v2 FAQ

Quick Connects v2. Product FAQs. Q. I already own a set of DJI Ready Rig Quick Connects. Can I replace broken parts using parts from Quick Connect v2?. A. Unfortunately, DJI stopped manufacturing and supporting the old DJI Ready Rig Quick Connects wi

How to Service Your ProArm: A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning and Reassembling

If your ProArm is experiencing stiffness or binding, it may be due to accumulated dirt or debris inside the assembly. Follow these steps to properly clean and service your ProArm, restoring smooth operation:. Tools Required:. Appropriate tool to remo