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The zipper my Ready Rig bag is broken, what can I do?Updated 2 years ago

If the zipper broke on your Ready Rig bag, you have a few options. 

Option 1 - Your product is under warranty 
We offer a 1-year warranty on all of our products, if you purchased the bag within a year simply do the following:

  1. Make sure you have registered your Ready Rig Product on our website
  2. Find the invoice that shows where and when you purchased the Ready Rig product.
  3. Email [email protected] images of the damaged items, the invoice, and your shipping information. 

Once verified we will send you a brand-new bag free of charge! 

Option 2 - Your product is out of warranty

If your bag is older than a year, it is no longer covered under our 1-year warranty. Not to worry! You have a couple of options to get you back up and on set!

1. The Zipper issue can be addressed with a new bag,

2. Or, by simply replacing the zipper with an aftermarket replacement. Probably the easiest and cheapest solution.

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