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How to calibrate the Shoulder Fulcrum ClampUpdated a year ago

To properly calibrate your Ready Rig Shoulder Fulcrum Clamp, follow these steps:

1. Assemble the Ready Rig with the support loaded and shoulder fulcrums locked.

2. Attempt to rotate the ProArm clockwise or counterclockwise. If it rotates, proceed to step 3.

3. Open the shoulder fulcrum clamp with the support arms parallel to the ground.

4. Using a hex tool, slightly tighten the screw (no more than a half-turn). Lock the shoulder Fulcrum.
5. Repeat the steps above until the ProArms do not rotate under the pressure of your hands.

Note: Do not over-tighten the shoulder fulcrum clamps, as it can damage the hardware. You will know if the clamp is over-tightened if it requires a large amount of pressure to lock. It should feel effortless to clamp the shoulder fulcrum closed.

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