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What gimbals can I use with my Ready Rig?Updated a year ago

The Ready Rig GS, Ready Rig GS + ProArms, and Ready Rig GS VEGA are each compatible with every gimbal that we know of on the market at this time. The Universal Gimbal straps can be attached to any ring or crossbar.

Examples of gimbals that most of our customers use:

- DJI Ronin 2
- DJI Ronin 1
- DJI Ronin M
- Freefly Mōvi Pro
- Mōvi M5
- Mōvi M10
- Mōvi M15
- Arri Maxima
- Letus Helix series gimbals

This information is subject to change as new technology is introduced to the market. If you have a specific compatibility question, please reach out to us at [email protected].


Learn more from our gimbal compatibility video here.

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