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What are the Ready Rig VEGA Dimensions?

Dimensions and Shipping Information for Ready Rig GS VEGA. Load Capacity Range of 1-40 lbs. ProArms 55” Boom Range. Adjustable Telescoping Arms 23” to 37”. Accessory Mount Thread 1/4”-20 or 3/8”-16. Minimum Waist Size 28” - Maximum Waist Size 44”. Ad

How do I check my Ready Rig GS VEGA Polycore Bands and prevent damage to them?

If the rollers on your Ready Rig VEGA are damaged and not operating properly, they can damage the bands, potentially causing a band to fail. Here is how to check your Ready Rig GS VEGA rollers and bands to make sure they are functioning properly, and

Why does my Ready Rig GS VEGA have a handle?

Yes, the VEGA includes a solid, built-in handle on the back of the vest. The handle has four 1/4”-20 one 1x 3/8”-16 tapped holes for mounting accessories. Applies ToReady Rig GS VEGA

Does VEGA improve the booming action of the Ready Rig system?

The Ready Rig GS VEGA tension system applies even force to the support arms, allowing the camera payload to become weightless and float at any height. This gives the user the feeling of having a completely weightless camera package, making it effortl

How do I stop the ProArms from snapping back when I release the tension on my Ready Rig GS VEGA?

Due to the powerful bands on your Ready Rig GS VEGA, we always recommend that you keep one hand firmly on the ProArm while adjusting tension, as well as when you are attaching and detaching from your camera kit. If you let the bands snap back it coul

I’m having trouble installing my Ready Rig VEGA Upgrade

In rare cases, environmental exposure can cause screws on your Ready Rig to become stuck. Do not worry, there are fix-it yourself solution available here.Tutorial video coming!. Contact [email protected] if you have any issues.

How do I attach my ProArms to the Ready Rig GS VEGA?

Connecting your ProArms to the Ready Rig GS VEGA is simple! Follow the steps below:. 1. Slide the arms through the shoulder clamps until the backside is hovering above the top of your VEGA canisters where the Delrin disc, or “puck”, is connected to a

When should I replace my Ready Rig GS VEGA Polycore Bands?

You must replace your Polycore Bands every year of use, regardless of their outward appearance. We designed the Polycore bands with two cores: The outside core is black and the internal core is yellow. If cracks form on the outside black core, check

How long will my Ready Rig GS VEGA Polycore Bands last?

We recommend changing the Polycore bands on your Ready Rig GS VEGA every 6-9 months of heavy use and 9-12 months of light use. The bands condition will depend on how much they have been used and the environments they were exposed to. Heavy UV and Ozo

What should I avoid putting on my VEGA Polycore bands?

You should avoid putting any petroleum based products on your Ready Rig GS VEGA Polycore Bands. This includes WD40, and gear oils, and solvents such as acetone. Please always use silicone based lubricants on your Ready Rig!

Will the Ready Rig GS VEGA remove or reduce footsteps, a.k.a., walking bounce?

Yes. VEGA significantly dampens and, in many cases, removes footsteps by zeroing out the effect of gravity on the camera package. Any unwanted motion from the camera operators body will be absorbed by the elastic bands and carbon fiber support arms.

What are the Ready Rig GS VEGA Polycore Bands made of?

The Ready Rig GS VEGA Polycore bands are comprised of custom formulated natural rubber latex with anti-UV and anti-ozone additives.

How should I maintain the Polycore Bands on my Ready Rig GS VEGA?

We recommend coating the bands with 303 Aerospace protectant every few weeks or so. You can purchase 303 Aerospace protectant (here). To apply:1. Attach the VEGA to the ProArms and load up the arms so that they are under tension.2. Take a cloth rag a

What are the advantages of Ready Rig VEGA over previous Ready Rig models?

Applies ToReady Rig GS VEGA

Can I upgrade my VEGA v1 to VEGA v2?

It is possible to upgrade your VEGA v1 to VEGA v2. The biggest consideration is the condition of your VEGA v1. If your VEGA v1 is in great shape and doesn't have any major issues you can upgrade it, see below.

What is the difference between VEGA Polycore Band v1 and v2?

The VEGA Band v2 is more robust and less prone to wear and tear than the v1 bands. We redesigned the bands to feature a larger 'stopper' that reduces impact forces on the frame if a user suddenly lets go of the support rods and the bands slam back. T

Does the VEGA v2 Upgrade come with ProArms?

If you are upgrading to the VEGA from the Ready Rig GS Standard, you must purchase the ProArm Upgrade separately. The VEGA v2 is a separate product and requires the ProArms to be installed on your vest to function properly. 1x ProArm Upgrade: availab

Im having trouble Installing the VEGA v2 Coupling Bracket

A common issue during installation is attempting to use the original Ready Rig GS + ProArm Bungee bracket on the VEGA v2. If the holes are not aligning make sure that you are using the correct Coupling Bracket during installation. See below:.