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Does the VEGA v2 Upgrade come with ProArms?Updated 2 years ago

If you are upgrading to the VEGA from the Ready Rig GS Standard, you must purchase the ProArm Upgrade separately. The VEGA v2 is a separate product and requires the ProArms to be installed on your vest to function properly. 

1x ProArm Upgrade: available and in stock on our website:

  • ProArm Features and Benefits
    • Increases the system payload from 30 to 40 pounds
    • Telescopic arms support larger gimbal setups (Ronin 2 & Movi Pro)
    • Increases the effective boom range of the system to 55"
    • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads that allow you to mount monitors to either arm to keep it in your line of sight.
  • VEGA v2 Features and Benefits
    • Completely removes footsteps from your shot. Improves image stabilization by 40% vs GSPA
    • Completely supports your camera’s weight at all heights, making those difficult ‘above eye level’ shots a breeze.
    • New back handle for your assistant to guide you on set
    • New VEGA Arm Clamps, allow you instantly stow and redeploy the VEGA Arms in seconds.
    • User installable comes with a comprehensive installation guide, tools, and hardware for easy installation.

      Polycore Band Set, They are available and in stock on our website:
  • We recommend buying an extra pair to have on hand. The bands should be replaced every 365.

If you purchased your GS Vest before 2021, we recommend getting the following upgrades to the vest chassis:

  • Bent Waist Plate Roller Upgrade - this item is great if you have an older GS. It reduces the noise of the system:
  • GS Belt Replacement v2 - We added a new metal buckle that replaces the old plastic buckle.

I've included an image of the various upgrade pathways for your reference. Please let us know if you have any questions! 

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