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Can I upgrade my VEGA v1 to VEGA v2?Updated 7 months ago

It is possible to upgrade your VEGA v1 to VEGA v2. The biggest consideration is the condition of your VEGA v1. If your VEGA v1 is in great shape and doesn't have any major issues you can upgrade it, see below.

The VEGA v2 has some improvements with the frame design and comes with the Polycore Band v2 and the new VEGA Arm Clamps. We will be offering the ability to upgrade the V1s frames with a new accessory that will be released in the next couple of months. 

In short, if you wanted to upgrade your VEGA v1 to VEGA v2 you would need the following
Please note: VEGA bands need to be replaced each year depending on the use. 

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