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How do I stop the ProArms from snapping back when I release the tension on my Ready Rig GS VEGA?Updated 2 years ago

Due to the powerful bands on your Ready Rig GS VEGA, we always recommend that you keep one hand firmly on the ProArm while adjusting tension, as well as when you are attaching and detaching from your camera kit.

If you let the bands snap back it could damage the rollers, and it’s possible damaged rollers will cause excessive wear to your Polycore Bands. Bottom line, don’t let the ProArms and bands snap back and slam into your VEGA canister.

Advise the team around you to be aware of the safety standards of your rig, and always be sure that no one is standing behind you or over your shoulder when manipulating your settings.


We created a quick tip video for you on this topic here.

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