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How to clean your Ready Rig vest and padding.Updated a year ago

We recommend first cleaning the fabric areas on your Ready Rig vest with a fabric cleaner, for example, Tide Fabric Spray:


Simply spray this onto your rig, following product instructions carefully, and this should remove dirt, grime, and smells without having to fully wash it.


If your vest is very grimey and you would like to wash it a bit deeper, you will have to remove all of the foam prior to washing the outer fabric.

Remove the pads from the plastic support, remove the foam, and machine wash cold with the washing machine on delicate.


Please note, you cannot wash the shoulders as they are attached to the metal. We do not recommend washing the shoulders with the metal attached, please use fabric cleaning spray when possible on this component.


Recommended products:

Tide Antibacterial Fabric Spray: 

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