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The Velcro is coming loose on my Ready Rig Waist BeltUpdated a year ago

Sometimes the Velcro on your Ready Rig Waist Belt is exposed to various environmental elements and can become dirty. 

Follow these steps to clean your velcro: 

Step 1
Examine the Velcro closely to make sure it can be renewed. If the "soft" side is worn away, or if the tiny hooks on the "rough" side have become too stretched or frayed to effectively do their job, you will not be able to refresh this Velcro and will need to replace it.
You can send us a video or photo to [email protected] if you need assistance in assessing your Ready Rig.

Step 2
Pull as much lint (or other collected materials) from the Velcro as possible with your fingers. You may find that simply doing this is enough to get the Velcro working again, so test it after to see.

Step 3
Use the comb to remove hair and fibers from the rough side of the Velcro. Comb with short, tugging strokes, then turn the comb on its edge to pull it between the rows of hooks to try to grab on to threads and fibers.

Step 4
Vacuum the rough side of the Velcro using the vacuum cleaner hose. This is particularly effective if your Velcro has lost its stick due to an accumulation of dust, dirt, or sand.

Step 5
Gently wash both sides of the Velcro with soap and water using a towel. This will remove any gooey or sticky residue that might be gumming up the works, particularly on the soft side. Be sure to wipe away all soapy residue thoroughly.

Step 6
"Fluff" the soft side of the Velcro with your comb. If the soft side has become matted, the hooks on the rough side of the Velcro can't latch on to the threads of fluff to form a bond, so teasing the soft side with your comb can help.

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