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The 3-Arm Knob On My Ready Rig Shoulder Is StuckUpdated a year ago

Sometimes, the 3-Arm Knob on your Ready Rig shoulder component can become lodged or stuck and won't come free. When this happens, typically some liquid wrench and plyers will free the stuck knob. 



Once free, if you are still having issues with the threading being too tight or sticky, you can re-tap this screw hole easily.

What you'll need:
1. Use a 1/4-20" Bottom Tap. We recommend a thread similar to this:

Repair Steps: 
Step 1 - Remove the 3-Arm Knob
Step 2 - Use 1/4-20" bottom tap to tap the thread on the Ready Rig Vest. Be sure to thread back and forth 2 or 3 times to clear the hole of debris.
Step 3 - Install new 3-Arm Knob

Always be sure that you aren't over-tightening the 3-arm knob when using the Ready Rig. A simple finger tight twist on the knobs will secure the Shoulder Supports onto the vest.

If you cannot remove the screw after following the instructions above:

You will need to purchase a complete Bat Wing Replacement Kit. This item comes with all the CNC aluminum components, hardware, and tools to replace yourself. 

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