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How do I replace the Spring Bolts on my Ready Rig?Updated 6 months ago

The Ready Rig Spring Bolts exist in two places on your rig, and can be easily replaced if needed.

To purchase replacement Spring Bolts, click here.


On the backplate of your Ready Rig vest:
1. Twist the washer up the bolt to make sure it is “bottomed out” and has no more room to go.
2. Screw the bolt onto the back plate of your vest using a standard wrench.

On the front end of your ProArm:
1. Remove the washer from the bolt completely and disregard it.
2. Thread the bolt through the Cobra Quick Release on the front end of the arm.

Watch the quick installation tutorial video here.


Applies To
Ready Rig GS
Ready Rig GS + ProArms
Ready Rig GS VEGA

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