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Quick Connects v2 FAQUpdated 3 months ago

Quick Connects v2

Product FAQs

Q. I already own a set of DJI Ready Rig Quick Connects. Can I replace broken parts using parts from Quick Connect v2?

A. Unfortunately, DJI stopped manufacturing and supporting the old DJI Ready Rig Quick Connects with replacement parts. The Ready Rig Quick Connect v2 clamps and hardware are incompatible with the older version. 

Q. What is the weight of the Quick Connects v2?

A. Each Strap is 67g (.14 lbs), and the clamp is 112g (0.24 lbs). The total weight for both is 344.7 g (.76 lbs). 

Q: What Gimbals are these compatible with?

A: Our new Quick Connects are compatible with every 30mm and 25mm gimbal ring on the market, including Ronin 2, Movi Pro, and Tilta Rings for the DJI RS3.

Q: What Ready Rig system are these compatible with?

A: Compatible with Ready Rig GS Standard, Ready Rig GS + ProArm, and Ready Rig VEGA.

Q: What size are the accessory threads? 

A: 1/4-20” & 3/8-16” monitor and accessory mounts

Q: What is it made of?

A: Machined Aerospace Aluminum and high-spec engineering Delrin construction.

Q. Does the Ready Rig Quick Connect v2 have ball bearings?

A: Ready Rig Quick Connect uses Delrin bushings instead of ball bearings, making them more robust and compact. It offers the same smoothness as a ball-bearing design without the complexity, making it more reliable and effective on set.

Q: How much weight can this support

A: Camera packages of 40 lbs and below.

Q: Are there replacement parts available?

A: Yes, there will be replacement parts made available after our initial pre-order is released. You will be able to replace any parts easily.

Q: Is this covered under warranty? 

A: Yes, this product is covered under a standard 1-year warranty. You must provide us with proof of purchase from our website or an authorized Ready Rig Reseller. For more information, go here:

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