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Discover the best practices for setting up and operating your Ready Rig on set.

How to operate handheld with your Ready Rig

Ready Rig can be used for both gimbal and handheld work. While our system is known in the industry as a gimbal support vest, it is also a very efficient and practical weight support solution for handheld operating. Not only does the system reduces st


While operating gimbals, Ready Rig can support the payload in both dual-arm and single-arm mode. Single arm mode allows operators the ability to capture shots that are more difficult to achieve in dual arm.

ProArm Monitor Mounting

HOW TO. INTRODUCTION. An often overlooked feature on the Ready Rig ProArm are the ¼”-20 and ⅜”-16 threads. We specifically designed the ProArms to receive your camera monitor. Removing the monitor and placing it on the Ready Rig’s arms decouples the

How do I properly attach the Universal Gimbal Straps?

Securely attach the Universal Gimbal Attachments to your gimbal or camera. You must pass the inner Velcro strap through the D-ring to complete the primary loop. Next, take the secondary Velcro strap and lock the primary loop in place. WARNING: Improp

Ready Rig VEGA Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the Ready Rig Vega Quick Start Guide!. Our quick start guide provides an overview of the Vega system and a step-by-step guide to help you get started. This guide covers everything from attaching the shoulder supports to balancing the syste