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ProArm Monitor MountingUpdated a year ago


  1. Attach universal gimbal attachment to top handle of the gimbal
  2. Stow one arm away
  3. Attach arm to gimbal
  4. Adjust support arm tension


An often overlooked feature on the Ready Rig ProArm are the ¼”-20 and ⅜”-16 threads. We specifically designed the ProArms to receive your camera monitor. Removing the monitor and placing it on the Ready Rig’s arms decouples the monitor viewing direction from the camera lens direction. The ProArm’s positions the monitor in your direct line of sight, no matter what orientation your camera is pointed at. This gives you complete freedom to frame without worrying about losing sight of your monitor.


  1. Monitor always in your direct line of sight, no matter the camera lens direction.
  2. ‍No longer hunting for monitor/adjusting the monitor during the shot.
  3. ‍Decouples the camera’s lens position from the centerline of the body: gives you more freedom to select shots you normally would frame because of being unable to view the monitor/change monitor during the shot.
  4. ‍Opens all angles of shots, boom up or down, pan side to side, the monitor is in the same position.

Quick Tip

We recommend buying quick release items to attach to your camera + ready rig to speed up getting in/out of the vest. (links to products) When building your camera for this mode, it is important to remember that your monitor and articulating arm is tethered to the camera. We suggest purchasing a quick release system (link to product that allows quick release). This allows you to quickly swap on and off the ProArm making it much more convenient to take the camera on and off the Ready Rig’s arms.

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