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How do I properly attach the Universal Gimbal Straps?Updated 10 months ago

 Attaching the Universal Gimbal Attachment to the Camera

Securely attach the Universal Gimbal Attachments to your gimbal or camera. You must pass the inner Velcro strap through the D-ring to complete the primary loop. Next, take the secondary Velcro strap and lock the primary loop in place. 

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WARNING: Improperly attaching the Universal Gimbal Attachments to the camera/gimbal may cause the velcro to suddenly release, potentially causing the camera package to fall and/or the arm to swing up uncontrollably. Make sure you follow the instructions above.

Attaching the Ready Rig to the Camera

To attach your Ready Rig to the Universal Gimbal attachments (and your camera), start by lowering one arm. Lift up the Spring Bolt attached to the Cobra Quick Release with one hand, and insert the metal ring of the Universal Gimbal Attachment with the other hand. When you release the Spring Bolt, the Universal Gimbal Attachment should be securely locked into the Cobra Quick Release. Repeat this step for the other arm. 

If you want to operate in one-arm mode, attach 1 Universal Gimbal Attachment to the center/top handle of your gimbal or your camera (handheld mode). The Ready Rig is compatible with almost every gimbal on the market. If you are unsure how to safely connect to your camera or gimbal, please contact us at [email protected]

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