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How to operate handheld with your Ready RigUpdated a year ago

  1. 1. Attach universal gimbal attachment to top handle of the gimbal
  2. 2. Stow one arm away
  3. Attach arm to gimbal
  4. Adjust support arm tension


Ready Rig can be used for both gimbal and handheld work. While our system is known in the industry as a gimbal support vest, it is also a very efficient and practical weight support solution for handheld operating. Not only does the system reduces strain by supporting the weight of the camera, it also allows operators more freedom to move and position the camera while stabilizing unwanted shake. To quickly and easily be converted into handheld mode within seconds.

  • Attaches easily to any top handle
  • Less restricted side to side positioning.
  • ‘Free Pan’, unrestricted panning 360 degrees, easy to attach.
  • You can operate in 'don juan' (operator runs facing forward but camera is facing backwards.

  • Higher boom range due to lack of support rod interference
  • Puts the camera in the centerline of the body. 
  • Allows for heavier camera packages.

How to

‍Attach the universal straps to each side of the camera, either via camera handles or an additional camera cage.

  1. An alternative configuration is to attach both universal straps to the top handle.
  2. Adjust both Ready Rig support arms to the camera package weight.
  3. Optional: Place Monitor on ProArm mount for optimal viewing

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