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Nimbus Crossbar Pre-order FAQsUpdated 2 months ago

Q: What is a pre-order?

A: A pre-order of the Nimbus Crossbar is an advance order placed before the product release date. By pre-ordering, you reserve the item ahead of its launch, ensuring you're among the first to receive it once available. 

Q: How can I make a pre-order?

A: Placing a pre-order for the Nimbus Crossbar is straightforward. Simply add the Nimbus Crossbar to your cart, and proceed to checkout. Once your order is placed, you'll have secured your place in line to receive the Crossbar.


Q: When is the product expected to ship?

A: Pre-orders are shipped in the order that they are received. We are working diligently to get the product to you and expect to ship in early Q3 2024. 


Q: Will I be charged for the pre-order immediately?

A: Yes, you will be charged the full amount at checkout.  The charge for the pre-order will be processed immediately upon placing the order.


Q: Can I cancel my pre-order?

A: Absolutely, you can cancel your pre-order at any time before it ships. If you decide to cancel, please be aware that you won't be eligible for the discounted pre-order price in the future.


Q: What is the return policy for pre-ordered items?

A: Pre-ordered items can be returned in line with our standard return policy, offering you peace of mind with your purchase.

Q. Can I pre-order a Nimbus Crossbar from an authorized Ready Rig Dealer?

A. Yes, you can! We will be opening up pre-orders through our dealers on June 15, 2024

Q: What is the exclusive pre-order discount for the Nimbus Crossbar? A: We're offering a special discount for early adopters who pre-order the Nimbus Crossbar before June 15th, 2024: 

Q. When does the early bird pre-order discount end? 

A. 11:59 PM on June 14th, 2024 Pacific Time

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