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Why Ready RigUpdated a year ago

Are you ready to elevate your camera operating ability to the next level? Look no further than the Ready Rig camera support vest. This innovative solution offers several advantages over traditional camera support systems, making it the ultimate choice for professional videographers and cinematographers.

One of the key benefits of the Ready Rig is its ability to allow operators to achieve smooth, dynamic camera positioning. The support arms rotate at the top of each shoulder, allowing for booming up and down and lateral movement. This allows operators to dynamically reposition the camera during the scene, allowing them to react and adjust the camera angle for optimal framing. This dynamic booming is smoother than other camera support systems, similar to having a jib on the body. The support arms are always located a few inches above the camera operator's arms. This is a major advantage over other ‘hanging’ type camera vests where the operator is limited to the up and down and or side-to-side motion.

Another advantage of the Ready Rig is its compact, low-profile design. Many other systems on the market are bulky and can get in the way of operating, especially in tight spaces or doors. The Ready Rig is designed to be very small and compact, with support arms that are no taller than the head and wider than the shoulders. This allows operators to operate naturally since the system is no larger than their natural body size, which equates to body position awareness and situational awareness on set. When the operator stops worrying about hitting things, they can focus on the shot and operate with confidence, knowing that there will not be any unwanted bumps and damage to the set.

Finally, the Ready Rig offers image stabilization that's unmatched by other vests. Vests designs that utilize hanging strings or bungees often introduce unwanted shakes and footsteps to the image. The Ready Rig's suspension system absorbs the up and down motion caused by walking, eliminating unwanted shakes in your shots. Plus, the short distance between the support arm and camera handle reduces side-to-side sway, ensuring your shots remain steady and professional.

In conclusion, the Ready Rig is the ultimate solution for handheld camera support. With its smooth movement, compact design, and image stabilization, it's a must-have for any professional videographer or cinematographer looking to take their shots to the next level. Upgrade your camera support game with the Ready Rig.

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