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Updating Your Older VestUpdated a year ago

Ready Rig vests are designed to be modular so you can easily upgrade components or replace parts that are broken or worn out. We have a variety of upgrades and replacement parts that many people don’t know about. These kits contain essential elements that will help keep your Ready Rig performing at its best, in fact, they will make your vest perform better than when you first bought it.

If you purchased your Ready Rig prior to 2021, we highly recommend purchasing the upgrades and replacement parts below:

GS Belt Replacement v2 is an updated version of the original product. It features a  custom-made metal belt buckle that doesn't wear out over time like the original system’s plastic buckle. This version comes with heavy-duty Velcro material on the belt and comes with an extra pair of GS Belt Pad Standard padding. 

Bent Wasit Roller Upgrade - This upgrade is the complete solution for removing belt noise from your vest. The simple installation process only takes minutes, and the end result is that the entire belt area will be completely silent. No more creaking sounds coming from your vest! Installation is easy, simply cut off the sewed-in metal loops on the vest and install these upgrades. The Delrin rollers will also make it easier to loosen and tighten down the belt while using the system.

Spring bolt Replacement Kit - A common part that breaks is the Spring Bolt. After getting quite a few requests our engineering team redesign the Spring Bolts to make them more robust and reliable. The previous version used red Loctite which failed from time to time. The new Spring Bolts use a set screw design that mechanically fastens the bolts. Replace these if you are having any issues with the current ones.

Lumbar Support Upgrade - If you want maximum comfort while operating this is a must-have accessory. The Lumbar Upgrade installs inside of the Ready Rig vest pad. It allows you to adjust the amount of lumbar support to exactly where you feel most comfortable. If you are flying camera packages that are in the 30-40 lbs range, this is a must-have. 

GS Belt Pad Upgrades - These larger pads replace the small bands on your Ready Rig Belt. We added additional width to the pads to distribute heavier payload weight, making operating heavier payloads much more comfortable. 

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