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Introducing the Ready Rig Nimbus EcosystemUpdated 2 months ago


Elevating the Art of Handheld Camera Operating

Handheld cinematography has long been a challenging aspect of filmmaking. As a camera operator, you often face physical limitations and strain due to the demanding nature of handheld shooting. Traditional support vests can be bulky, restricting movement in tight spaces and limiting the range of motion. Additionally, unwanted camera shakes can compromise the quality of the footage, especially during dynamic shots. These challenges not only affect the creative potential of cinematographers but also take a toll on your body.


The Nimbus Ecosystem: A Game-Changer in Handheld Operating

At Ready Rig, we understand the challenges faced by camera operators in the field. That's why we've developed a groundbreaking solution: the Nimbus Ecosystem. This innovative suite of modules has been meticulously designed to further enhance your capabilities on set handheld operating, providing camera operators with unparalleled freedom of movement and eliminating the strain and weight associated with traditional support systems.

Nimbus Crossbar

At the heart of the Nimbus Ecosystem is the Nimbus Crossbar, The Crossbar is designed to provide a solid foundation for handheld camera operation, offering unparalleled stability, control, and comfort. It has been designed to seamlessly integrate with Ready Rig support vests, creating a single connection point to the camera. By connecting the two support arms, the Crossbar provides a stable platform that eliminates unwanted camera movements caused by hip sway or walking, resulting in incredible handheld footage.

Key Features and Benefits of Crossbar

Effortless Cinematic Float: The Nimbus Crossbar, when paired with the VEGA v2 Upgrade, achieves the coveted "floaty" handheld aesthetic effortlessly. It renders camera payloads up to 40 lbs (18.1kg) virtually weightless, allowing camera operators to capture smooth, fluid movements with ease.

Precise Fingertip Control: With the Nimbus Crossbar, camera operators have precise fingertip control over their camera movements. Whether tracking a subject, panning across a landscape, or capturing intimate close-ups, the Crossbar ensures intentional and controlled movements, giving cinematographers unparalleled precision and creativity.

Independent Monitor Mount: The Crossbar features an independent monitor mount that separates the monitor from the camera. This innovative design allows camera operators to maintain a consistent focus on framing without interrupting their creative flow. By keeping the monitor in the operator's eyeline, the Crossbar enables the capture of complex shots and seamless transitions between angles.

Enduring Comfort: The Ready Rig vest, enhanced with the Nimbus system, is designed to minimize fatigue and ensure comfort during long production days. The frame of the Ready Rig distributes the weight of the camera setup to the torso, reducing arm and back strain. This ergonomic design allows camera operators to shoot for extended periods without compromising their well-being or the quality of their footage.

Swift Setup and Compact Agility: The Nimbus Crossbar is designed for quick and easy setup, allowing camera operators to go from packed to action in mere seconds. Its compact design enables effortless navigation through tight spaces, ensuring that the perfect shot can be captured in any location.

Secure Quick Release: The Locking Quick Release system of the Nimbus Crossbar provides a secure two-part mechanism for rapidly attaching and detaching the camera. This quick-connect system ensures the safety of valuable equipment, giving camera operators peace of mind and the confidence to focus on their creative vision.

Upcoming Modules in the Nimbus Ecosystem

While the Nimbus Crossbar is the foundation of the ecosystem, it is just the beginning. Ready Rig is committed to expanding the Nimbus Ecosystem with additional modules that will further enhance the handheld operating experience. These upcoming modules will offer camera operators even more flexibility, control, and creative possibilities. Stay tuned for exciting announcements about new additions to the Nimbus family.

How you can buy Nimbus Crossbar? 

Nimbus Crossbar is currently available for pre-order on our website or you can purchase without our Authorized Dealers after June 15th, 2024. We expect shipping of the pre-orders in early Q3 2024 (August or September 2024). All pre-orders placed on our website are refundable if requested. Please note that any refunded orders will lose your place in line.  

The Nimbus Crossbar can either be purchased as an upgrade, Nimbus Crossbar Upgrade (SKU: RR-NCU) & Nimbus Crossbar + VEGA v2 (SKU: RR-NCVU) for existing Ready Rig users or as a complete vest, Ready Rig Nimbus Kit (SKU: RR-NBK).

Nimbus Crossbar is transforming handheld shooting, making it easier and more comfortable to capture stunning, dynamic footage. As we expand the Nimbus range, look forward to even greater flexibility and control. Start your journey with Nimbus Crossbar, available for pre-order now.

Join us in redefining the art of filmmaking.

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